Battle of Bo Wan Po

Date 208
Location Xinye, northern Jing Province
Result Liu Bei victorious
Liu Bei's Forces Cao Cao's Forces
Liu Bei
Zhuge Liang
Cao Cao
Xiahou Dun
Han Hao
Yu Jin
The Battle of Bo Wan Po was the first battle of Zhuge Liang.


Liu Bei was given shelter in the Xinye Commandery by Liu Biao in AD 202, but when Liu Biao fell sick and died in AD 208, Cao Cao and over 800,000 troops set out to quell his "rebellion". Liu Bei and his generals retreated across the Bo Wan Po, pursued by a Wei army commanded by Xiahou Dun. His strategist, Zhuge Liang, recommended that he lure Cao Cao's generals over the river and into ambushes, and Liu Bei agreed to. First, Zhao Yun offered Xiahou Dun a duel. He fought him into the jungle ahead of Liu Bei's main camp, where Zhuge Liang used a fire attack against his unit, decimating it. Xiahou Dun retreated with his remnants of his division. Next, the Shu lured Han Hao into an ambush by Guan Ping in the middle of the forest, and his army was defeated. Finally, the last part of the plan involved Guan Yu lurking in the shadows until Yu Jin and his division forded the Yangtze River to attack Liu Bei, and his soldiers were slaughtered. The Shu army had completed their destruction of the Wei main force, and advanced across the river. Zhang Fei launched a raid on the enemy storehouses in Xinye Castle, and killed the enemy commander Lu Xiang. The Wei army was confused, and the Wei commander Cao Hong led a full-scale retreat from the battlefield. Even though Liu Bei had emerged victorious, he had to continue his withdrawal.