Battle of Dong Kou

Date 222
Location Dongkou, He Fei
Result Wu victorious
Wu Wei
Ding Feng
He Qi
Cao Pi
Zhang Liao
The Battle of Dong Kou was an invasion of Wu by Cao Pi. The invasion was led by Zhang Liao and Cao Xiu, but was defeated.


The Wu army under Ding Feng and Sun Quan attacked the enemy forces that were landed by sea at their main camp. After the assault units were defeated, admiral He Qi ferried Sun Quan across the Dong Kou. Zhang Liao appeared and ambushed them, but was killed by an arrow wound inflicted by Ding Feng. Then, the Wu army disembarked. Zhang He's fireball attack and Jia Xu's rockslides were impeding the Wu forces, but the Wu generals came up and defeated them. But soon Cao Ren and enemy reinforcements attacked the heart of the Wu forces and eliminated many units. Only a counterattack led by Lian Shi drove them back. After the main force was defeated, Zhen Ji appeared and attacked Sun Quan. She was defeated and the base camp's gates opened. The Wu forces cut down Cao Pi, but let him escape for people looked up to him for guidance back in Wei.