Battle of Duan Gu

Date 257
Location Duan Gu, Hanzhong
Result Wei victorious
Wei Shu
Deng Ai
Zhong Hui
Jiang Wei
Xiahou Ba
The Battle of Duan Gu was the fourth of Jiang Wei's invasions of Wei. He was defeated by the Wei commander Zhong Hui, a new general.


After the victory at the Battle of Tao Shui, Jiang Wei rose north once again. Sima Zhao dispatched Deng Ai and Zhong Hui to Duan Gu in order to face this new threat to Wei. Zhong Hui advanced to the first checkpoint, an area of strategic value that he saw needed to be captured. However, Deng Ai was ambushed there by enemy units. Zhong Hui had to rescue him, exasperated at his overzealousness. He advanced northeast to destroy the bridge that enemy reinforcements were planning to cross. This done, he assaulted the northern gate where Xiahou Ba was guarding. After defeating him in a short duel, Zhong Hui was able to advance.

However, Deng Ai noticed that he was about to be ambushed by Jiang Wei's main force encamped at the cliffs. He rushed to his aid, defeating the enemy generals in the canyons that Zhong Hui's men were in. The brief engagement there was a quick Wei victory, and the two generals headed towards Jiang Wei's main camp. They faced and eliminated Huang Yueying's juggernaut units before reaching Jiang Wei. Once there, Zhong Hui defeated him in battle.