Battle of He Dong

Date 202
Location Hedong Commandery, Shanxi Province
Result Allied Forces victorious
Cao Cao's Forces
Ma Chao's Forces
Yuan Shang's Forces
Cao Cao
Ma Chao
Pang De
Yuan Shang
Gao Gan
Guo Yuan
The Battle of He Dong was a brief expedition by Cao Cao against Yuan Shang, son and successor of his archenemy Yuan Shao. Pang De massacred the enemy forces.


In AD 202, Yuan Shang sent his general, Guo Yuan, to lead a combined force of Yuan Shang and Xiongnu tribe to invade He Dong. Pang De and Ma Chao were sent by Ma Teng to assist Cao Cao's Grand Administrator of Chang'an, Zhong Yao, to fight the advancing enemy. In the ensuing battle, Pang De led the vanguard to charge the enemy, who was by the time trying to cross a shallow point. With the formation broken, Guo Yuan was vulnerable, and was killed by Pang De in the chaos. After the battle was over, the victorious side of Cao Cao could not locate the head of Guo Yuan. At night, when the generals gathered for the victory, Pang De threw out a head, which Zhong Yao (who had no sons by that time, and was the uncle of Guo Yuan) held with tears, claiming that to be Guo's head, Pang apologized to Zhong right away; but Zhong said to Pang, "Even I'm Guo Yuan's uncle, he is still a traitor of our country, why are you making apology to me?"