Battle of Hu Lao Gate

Date 190-191
Location 15 miles from Luoyang
Result Allies victorious
Alliance against Dong Zhuo Dong Zhuo's Forces
Yuan Shao Lu Bu
Also known as Tiger Trap Pass
The Battle of Hu Lao Gate, or the Battle of Tiger Trap Pass, was an engagement between the allied forces of Yuan Shao and the vile forces of Dong Zhuo. Here is the tale of when the Three Sworn Brothers almost killed Lu Bu in a fantastic duel.

Battle Edit

After the Battle of Si Shui Gate, the Allied Forces attacked the main enemy force. Dong Zhuo dispatched Li Jue and Guo Si to murder and massacre Yuan Wei and his residence citizens regardless of age. 200,000 soldiers were marshalled up and divided into the commanders Li Ru, Lu Bu, Fan Chou, Zhang Ji, and countless other generals and counselors. Yuan Shao ordered Wang Kuang, Qiao Mao, Bao Xin, Yuan Yi, Kong Rong, Zhang Yang, Tao Qian, and Gongsun Zan to head in the direction of Hu Lao Gate, where the Dong Zhuo armies were awaiting their approach towards Luoyang. Lu Bu, a fierce warrior, met Fang Yue and killed him with four strikes. He was quite an irrestible general who slew all he could find. Mu Shun, a general of Zhang Yang, rode out but was killed. Then Wu Anguo of Kong Rong came out but was wounded. Lu Bu was even prepared to kill Gongsun Zan had it not been for Zhang Fei coming out and fighting him. His brothers Liu Bei and Guan Yu appeared and the three had a long and legendary, albeit inconclusive, battle. Sun Jian made an immediate advance with Cheng Pu and Huang Gai to Yuan Shu in order to settle scores by ordering the execution of a rogue officer, before scaring off Li Jue, who had come to request a marriage between Dong Zhuo's daughter and Sun Jian's son Sun Ce. Li Ru decided that Dong Zhuo's army should retreat from the action and seek comfort in Chang'an and burn Luoyang. Yang Biao, Huang Wan, and Xun Shuang advised Dong Zhuo otherwise, but were demoted to mere commanders. Zhou Bi and Wu Qiong offered more opposition, trying to make a plan to avoid the moving of the capital to Chang'an. They were also snubbed. And so Luoyang was destroyed and it became a patch of scorched earth. The confederate lords advanced even more, having taken the pass.

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