Battle of Jie Ting
Battle of Jie Ting

Date 228
Location Jieting, Shaanxi Province
Result Wei victory
Shu Wei
Zhuge Liang
Ma Su
Zhang He
The Battle of Jie Ting was the end of Zhuge Liang's first northern expedition. Ma Su was surrounded, defeated, and executed.


Ma Su, a Shu general, was entrusted with the defense of some elevated areas known collectively as Jieting. With Sima Yi of Wei on his tail, he encamped at the summit of one of the mountains, where he could not gather any water to hydrate his troops. Sima Yi set to blocking all of the passages, held by Wang Ping, Gao Xiang, and Liao Hua, so that he could not escape. Ma Su's men at the summit began dying of thirst, as predicted by the Wei strategist. The Shu strategist knew that he could not face Prime Minister Zhuge Liang in this condition, so he tried to lay at least one blow on Sima Yi's army by attacking his camp. Shortly after, Zhuge and his wife Yue Ying came to reinforce Ma Su's beleagured army. Ma Su was executed by a tearful Zhuge Liang, and the Wei troops began to attack Zhuge's force. The Shu withdrew from the battlefield after sustaining heavy losses.

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