Battle of Ju Lu

Date 184
Location Ju Lu, Ping Xiang County
Result Han victorious
Han Dynasty Yellow Turbans
He Jin
Sun Jian
Cao Cao
Liu Bei
Zhang Jiao
The Battle of Ju Lu was the climactic engagement between the Han Dynasty and the Yellow Turbans. Zhang Jiao tried to resist the main Han army but was defeated.


He Jin ordered Sun Jian to the west and Cao Cao to the east while the volunteer forces would head down the center and join up with the other two forces. Zhang Jiao ordered a full counterattack with most of his men and it was initially successful until Sun Jian's vanguard under Huang Gai crushed the enemy troops. To impede the Allied Forces advancing on the east wing, Zhang Mancheng, Yu Fukuo, and Ma Yuanyi operated a battery of flame-shooting statues. When all three were defeated the base was captured and Sun Jian advanced on the Yellow Turbans. Meanwhile on the west wing, Cao Cao defeated the enemy garrisons one by one. Soon, it was reported that Huangfu Song was arriving with allied reinforcements. However, Zhang Jiao died before Huangfu Song arrived.