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Battle of Luo Feng Po
Battle of Luofeng.png

Date 213
Location Luofengpo, Cheng Du
Result Liu Zhang's forces victorious
Liu Bei's Forces Liu Zhang's Forces
Pang Tong
Wei Yan
Wu Yi
Zhang Ren

The Battle of Luo Feng Po was an engagement when Liu Bei invaded Yi Province. He lost Pang Tong to Zhang Ren.


After the Battle of Luo Castle, Wei Yan was ambushed in a canyon by Zhang Ren. Pang Tong needed to come to his rescue in order to allow his fire attack on Chengdu to happen. And so Pang Tong advanced while simultaneously routing Wu Yi's divisions. When Wei Yan appeared, he was hit by a stray arrow and mortally wounded. But he ignored Fa Zheng's advice for him to flee and fought on. Pang Tong routed Wu Yi and Zhang Ren to stop the rain of arrows from Luofeng Po, but died shortly after the battle ended.