Battle of Mt. Niu Tou

Date 249
Location Mt. Niu Tou, Han Zhong
Result Wei victory
Wei Shu
Sima Shi Jiang Wei
Xiahou Ba
The Battle of Mt. Niu Zhu, or the First Shu Invasion, was the first northern campaign by Jiang Wei. However, it was defeated by Sima Shi and Sima Zhao.


Deng Ai warned the Wei forces not to attack the decoy in the Central Garrison. However, Sima Shi did not care and decided to advance either way. Guo Huai, in the meanwhile, fortified the main camp despite being ill.

When Sima Shi reached the Central Garrison, Jiang Wei retreated because Wei did not suspect a thing. Then, the central garrison's gates opened to reveal only Jiang Wan. Xiahou Ba arrived near the Wei main camp, planning to cross a bridge that led directly to it. Then, Fei Yi attacked Sima Shi in the central garrison. After defeating him, he headed north and blew up the bridge. Then, he turned to the northwestern garrison and routed Zhang Shao, Zhang Yi, and Guan Suo. Hu Lie stole the supplies of the base while Guo Huai ambushed the Shu forces.

Back north, Sima Shi headed up and defeated Li Hui and Xing Cai. After defeating them he burnt the armory and lowered Shu morale. But now that Jiang Wei returned Shu morale was tenacious. He advanced south quickly to avoid getting the slightest chance of defeat and crushed Jiang Wei's expedition north.