Battle of Mt. Tie Tong

Date 253
Location Tianshui, Shaanxi
Result Wei victorious
Wei Shu
Guo Huai
Deng Ai
Sima Zhao
Jiang Wei
King Midang
The Battle of Mt. Tie Tong was one of Jiang Wei's many invasions of Wei. However, it was defeated.


Sima Shi dispatched Deng Ai, Guo Huai, and Sima Zhao to Tianshui to halt the Second Shu Invasion. Despite being ill, Guo Huai decided to join the battle in order to fulfill his promise to Xiahou Yuan to defend Wei. The Wei forces headed south to rescue Sima Zhao, trapped in an enemy garrison. Xu Zhi was killed in the first attack by Jiang Wei. However, Guo Huai and Wen Qin pushed the attack and fought their way to Sima Zhao. Sima Zhao retreated back to the base camp in order to be safer. However, King Midang, E Zhesai, and Ehe assaulted the base. Guo Huai rushed back and captured the officers, who led him to Nan'an Castle. Then, Guo Huai had them both killed as he faced off with Shu commander Xiahou Ba. After a brief duel Xiahou Ba was floored. Before Guo Huai could kill him, Jiang Wei killed Guo Huai with a flock of arrows, saving Xiahou Ba. Both generals fled before Deng Ai and Sima Zhao arrived. Now, Deng Ai pressed the attack on the remaining Shu forces to avenge Guo Huai.

Deng Ai defeated Jiang Wei, who was holding off the enemy attacks. But he was defeated, and Deng Ai advanced on the enemy base camp. He defeated Xing Cai, who was in charge of the cliff garrison. Jiang Bin launched a fire attack on the Wei forces, as well as a ballista attack, but the Wei advance was unimpeded and he was defeated. Then, the Wei forces advanced and defeated Guan Suo, the enemy commander. This routed the 2nd Shu Invasion.