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Battle of Runan

Date 200
Location Runan, Jing Province
Result Cao Cao victorious
Wei Shu
Cao Cao Liu Bei

The battle of Runan was a chase of Liu Bei's forces by Cao Cao.


After exterminating Yuan Shao, Cao Cao denoted Liu Bei as a "traitor to the Han" and led an army to stop him. Liu Bei abandoned Yuan Shao and headed to Runan Castle, where he was attacked. He only had Zhang Fei in his ranks for the ensuing battle, and only his regiment. They faced Yu Jin and Li Dian first, and were nearly overwhelmed. But Zhao Yun, masterless after the extermination of Gongsun Zan, joined Liu Bei's army and defended him against the enemy forces. They were able to capture Runan Castle by forcing Xu Zhu to pull back, and prepared to escape. Xiahou Dun blocked them, as well as Cao Cao, but both were held off by Guan Yu, who had returned from Cao Cao's service at Guandu. Liu Bei was able to extricate his army intact, despite the loss of Liu Pi.