The Three Kingdoms Wiki

This is a list of battles during the Three Kingdoms era:

171-184: Prelude[]

184-191: Rebellions and Han Dynasty conflicts[]

191-220: Prelude to the Three Kingdoms[]

  • Battle of Wan Castle (197) - Zhang Xiu ambushes Cao Cao and kills Dian Wei.
  • Battle of Chang Ban (208) - Liu Bei and his army flee from Cao Cao across Changban Po.
  • Battle of Chi Bi (208-209) - Liu Bei allies to Sun Quan and defeats Cao Cao in a naval battle.
  • Campaign for Jing (208-209)-Liu Bei seizes Lingling, Wuling, Guiyang, and Changsha.
  • Battle of Jia Meng Gate (214) - Liu Bei takes in Ma Chao as an officer.
  • Battle of Cheng Du - Liu Bei in vengeance for Pang Tong, captures Yi Province from Zhang Ren.
  • Battle of Yang Ping Gate (215) - Cao Cao invades Han Zhong and defeats Zhang Lu.
  • Battle of Mt. Tian Dang (219) - Yan Yan burns the Cao Cao supply depot.
  • Battle of Mt. Ding Jun (219) - Cao Cao loses Dingjun and the surrounding area.
  • Battle of Han Shui (219) - Wei withdraws from Hanzhong.

220-234: The Three Kingdoms[]

  • Battle of Nan Zhong (225) - Zhuge Liang crushes Meng Huo's revolt in the Nanman Territory.
  • Battle of Anding (227) - Zhuge Liang takes Anding Castle.
  • Battle of Nan'an (227) - Zhuge Liang takes Nan'an Castle
  • Battle of He Fei Castle (234) - Sun Quan's assault on Cao Rui comes to a crashing end.
  • Battle of Wu Zhang Plains (234) - Zhuge Liang dies of illness and is succeeded as chief strategist by Jiang Wei.

234-280: The End of the Three Kingdoms[]

  • Sima Yi's Rebellion (249) - Sima Yi purges Cao Shuang and company.
  • Wang Ling's Rebellion (250) - Wang Ling's uprising is smashed.
  • Battle of New He Fei Castle (253) - Zhuge Ke of Wu is defeated in his invasion of Wei.
  • Wen Qin's Rebellion (255) - Wen Qin and Guanqiu Jian are defeated in their rebellion.
  • Battle of Tao Yang (262) - Xiahou Ba is killed defending Shu.
  • Battle of Mian Zhu (263) - Deng Ai rescues Zhong Hui from Zhuge Zhan during the Invasion of Shu.
  • Battle of Jianye (280) - Sima Yan conquers Wu at last, bringing an end to the Three Kingdoms.