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Bian Xi
Character information
Force(s): Yellow Turbans
Ou Xing's Forces
Cao Cao's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Yellow Turban Rebellion
Ou Xing's Rebellion
Battle of Yan Province
Battle of Guan Du
Historical information
Real name: Bian Xi
Chinese name: 卞喜
Born: 150
Died: 200

Bian Xi was a former Yellow Turban leader who surrendered to Cao Cao after the Battle of Yan Province. Now, he served under his command but was slain by Guan Yu while guarding Xingyang.


Bian Xi first served as a Yellow Turban bandit commander who led cavalry. However, he was defeated and flocked to Ou Xing's banner. Again he had to flee as defeat ensued. Bian Xi came across more Yellow Turbans and joined them but was defeated and surrendered to Cao Cao in Yanzhou. As a general of his command, he served at the Battle of Guan Du against Yuan Shao. After the victory, he defended Sishui Pass against Guan Yu, leaving Cao Cao for his brother Liu Bei. Bian Xi was one of the obstacles blocking him. He was slain after a few bouts.