Cai Yan
Cai Yan
Character information
Force(s): Han Dynasty
Dong Zhuo's Forces
Historical information
Real name: Cai Yan
Chinese name: 蔡琰
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 177
Died: 250

Cai Yan, better known by her style name Cai Wenji, was the daughter of Cai Yong and a poetess.

Biography Edit

Cai Yan was adopted by Cai Yong, a Han minister whose wife could not bear any children. In 191, she fled Chang'an with her father after abuse by the tyrant Dong Zhuo. One day, she was kidnapped by the Xiongnu tribe. She was forced to marry Ce Xian, one of the chieftains, after he attacked Chang'an, and Cao Cao set off to rescue her. He bribed the Xiongnu with the finest riches, and she married Wei Zhongdao. But he died in the early 190s, and she married Dong Si, a retainer of Cao Cao. She wrote several poems in her lifetime, some of which are here today.

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