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Cao Hong
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Cao Hong
Chinese name: 曹洪
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 169
Died: 232

Cao Hong was a Wei general.


Cao Hong was born in Pei, Xu Province. He was the cousin of the warlord Cao Cao, and served him ever since he founded his fighting force. In AD 192, when Cao Cao tried to pursue Dong Zhuo, Cao Hong rescued him by lending him his horse, and fighting off Xu Rong until Xiahou Dun killed him. Cao Hong later served in his campaigns against Tao Qian, commanding one of the divisions to take over the city of Xuzhou. In AD 193, the Yellow Turbans under He Yi and Huang Shao rebelled in Xu Province. One of them, He Man, rode out to seek a challenger. Cao Hong dealt him a killing blow with his spear to the face. Cao Hong would later serve at the campaigns against Yuan Shao and Sun Quan from AD 200~AD 209, and fought with distinction at Nanjun against Zhou Yu in AD 210. Shortly after, news was recieved from capital Chang'an that Ma Chao and Han Sui of Liang Province were raising armies to fight Cao Cao in revenge for his executions of Ma Teng and Ma Xiu. Cao Hong defended Tong Gate, which was the last bastion of defense for the capital, against the rebels, and won the battle despite a series of reverses during its duration. Cao Hong was promoted to the ranks of Commandant of Yingchang, Imperial Corps Commander Who Displays Armed Might, and titled the Official in Charge or Admonition of Arbitration, General Who is Successively the Vanguard, General of the District Guard, and Lord of Mingting for his efforts in battle. After Cao Cao died in AD 220, his successor Cao Pi made Cao Hong the General of the Guard and General of the Flying Cavalry. He saw action in the campaign against Wu in AD 222, and fought against Zhuge Liang under the administration of Cao Rui from AD 228 until his death in AD 232. He was sixty-nine years of age and held lots of administrative titles.