Cao Rui
Cao Rui
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Cao Rui
Chinese name: 曹叡
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 206
Died: 239

Cao Rui was the Second Emperor of Wei.

Biography Edit

Cao Rui was the son of Cao Pi and his wife, Empress Zhen Ji, and was the grandchild of Cao Cao. Even though he was twenty,old enough to rule on his own when he ascended to the throne of Wei, he was placed under the regency of Lady Guo, his step-mother. He fought against the Kingdom of Wu in AD 233~AD 234 when they invaded Wei, led by Commander-in-Chief Lu Xun, and defeated them at He Fei Castle with the aid of generals Man Chong and Zhang Qiu. He assumed full control of Wei in AD 235 when Lady Guo passed away, and he led his army on campaign against Gongsun Yuan in AD 239. But before his victory, he died of illness and was succeeded by his adoptive son, Cao Fang,who was only at the age of 9 at the time so Cao Rui appointed the weak Cao Shuang and the powerful and cunning Sima Yi- a fatal mistake for his clan as Sima Yi's grandson and sons controlled the Wei government and usurped the throne in AD 266.

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