Cao Shuo
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Historical information
Real name: Cao Shuo
Chinese name: 曹鑠
Born: 178
Died: 200

Cao Shuo was a son of Cao Cao who died young.


The Prince of Xiang Shang was named Cao Shuo, who died early. In the third year of AD 229 he was conferred a posthumous title. In AD 233, his son Prince of Min, Cao Qian inherited it but died that year. In 234, Cao Qian’s son Prince of Huai, Cao Yan inherited the title, his fiefdom was increased 2500 households. He died in 236 with no heir, the line ended there. In AD 255, the Prince of Le Ling – Cao Mao’s son Cao Yang, the Duke of Dou Xiang was adopted to continue the line of Cao Shuo.

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