Chen Deng
Chen Deng
Character information
Force(s): Tao Qian's Forces
Lu Bu's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Chen Deng
Chinese name: 陳登
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born:  ?
Died:  ?

Chen Deng was the son of Chen Gui.

Biography Edit

Chen Deng began his military career as a general of Tao Qian, the Governor of Xu Province. He engaged in battle with Cao Cao in 193, defending Xuzhou until Cao Cao withdrew. When Tao Qian died, control of Xu Province passed to Liu Bei, and Chen Deng served under him. In 196, Lu Bu gained control of the province, and Chen Gui and Chen Deng served under him next. Chen Deng was a strategist serving under Lu Bu, and fought at the Battle of Xiao Pass against the allied forces of Cao Cao and Liu Bei. He ordered Chen Gong to retreat, wanting to keep him safe. He knew that Xuzhou would fall imminently, so he surrendered to Cao Cao's army. He served as a strategist under Cao Cao afterwards.

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