Chen Lin
Chen Lin
Character information
Force(s): Han Dyansty
He Jin's Forces
Yuan Shao's Forces
Yuan Tan's Forces
Historical information
Real name: Chen Lin
Chinese name: 陳琳
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born:  ?
Died: 217

Chen Lin was a Wei strategist.

Biography Edit

Chen Lin was a student of Cai Yong who became Master of Records for Emperor Ling. Then, after Lingdi died of illness in AD 189, he served under He Jin. He Jin planned to slay all of the Ten Eunuchs when they had imperaled him. Chen Lin objected, "Nay! Do not act without due consideration. The proverb says 'To cover the eyes and snatch at swallows is to fool oneself.' If in so small a matter you cannot attain your wish, what of great affairs? Now by virtue of the emperor and with the army under your hand, you are like prancing tiger and soaring dragon: You may do as you please. To use such enormous powers against the eunuchs would bring victory as easily as lighting up a furnace to burn a hair. You only need to act promptly: Use your powers and smite at once, and all the empire will be with you. But to summon forces to the capital, to gather many bold warlords into one spot, each with different schemes, is to turn our weapons against our own person, to place ourselves in the power of another. Nothing but failure can come of it, and havoc will ensue." Chen Lin tried to dissuade him one more time, stating that the eunuchs would assassinate him, and kill him they did. When he died, Chen Lin entered the service of Yuan Shao. He was ordered to issue a manifesto of Cao Cao's crimes in AD 200, which began the Guandu Campaign. In AD 203, after serving Yuan Tan, he surrendered to Cao Cao.

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