Cheng Yuanzhi
ROTK12 Cheng Yuanzhi
Character information
Force(s): Yellow Turbans
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Cheng Yuan Zhi
Chinese name: 程远志
Born:  ?
Died: 184

Cheng Yuanzhi was a general of the Yellow Turbans.


Cheng Yuanzhi was a chief commander in the Yellow Scarves during the rebel’s first uprising in AD 184.

When the Yellow Scarves rebellion began in the first year of Central Stability, AD 184, Zhang Jiao, leader of the Scarves and self-titled General of Heaven, ordered Cheng Yuanzhi to take over Youzhou district with a command of fifty thousand men. Yuanzhi marched upon Youzhou immediately and, upon reaching the district, was met by a force five hundred strong commanded by Commandant Zou Jing and a host of volunteer leaders. Cheng Yuanzhi quickly led his superior force on and, once both sides were within shouting distance of one another, Liu Bei, a volunteer commander for the Han, raised his whip and cried out, “Traitors to the Emperor, surrender now!”

Enraged by the commander’s comment, Cheng Yuanzhi sent his own subordinate commander, Deng Mao, into the field, but an enemy general named Zhang Fei met him and swiftly cut him down. Seeing Deng Mao tumble dead from his horse, Yuanzhi urged his own mount forward and charged Zhang Fei, but before he could reach the fearsome general, another commander named Guan Yu charged out and sliced Yuanzhi in two without giving him chance to defend himself.