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Emperor Xian
Character information
Force(s): Han Dynasty
Historical information
Real name: Liu Xie
Chinese name: 劉偕
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 181
Died: 234

Emperor Xian, personal name Liu Xie, was the emperor of the Han Dynasty.


Liu Xie was born in the capital of Luoyang in Si Province to Liu Hong, Emperor Ling, and his wife Lady Dong. He was the brother of Emperor Shao, also known as Liu Bian. In AD 189, he became emperor, the third emperor of the year, since his father died of illness that year, as well as the deposition of Liu Bian. Xian was effectively a puppet of Dong Zhuo, and was sidelined in palace affairs. Emperor Xian was transported to Chang'an after Dong Zhuo's defeat at Hu Lao Gate and his flight from burning Luoyang, and Cao Cao failed to rescue him from Dong Zhuo. In AD 192, he was able to escape captivity following the assassination of Dong Zhuo by Lu Bu, assisted by Wang Yun. But the evil generals Li Jue and Guo Si captured him, so Yang Feng set out to rescue him. Yang Feng and several other bandits covered him as he fled, and fell into the hands of Cao Cao, who had offered him protection in return for being regent. Liu Xie was soon sick of being sidelined and coached on a conspiracy to assassinate Cao Cao by Liu Bei and Dong Cheng, but Liu Bei could not reach Xuchang and Dong Cheng was executed. Emperor Xian was kept in Xuchang, but was not executed, Cao Cao remaining loyal. Sun Ce invaded Si Province in AD 200 when Cao Cao and his main force were fighting Yuan Shao at Guandu, intent on rescuing Emperor Xian from captivity, but was hit by several arrows from Xu Gong's followers.Cao was the real ruler but Emperor Xian remained a puppet and only ruled in name, and could not take care of any imperial matters. In AD 220, after thirty-one years of being the emperor, Emperor Xian found out that Cao Cao died. His son, Cao Pi, took advantage of this and deposed Emperor Xian and declared himself Emperor of Wei.He died in AD 234.