Gong Du
Gong Du
Character information
Force(s): Ou Xing's Forces
Yellow Turbans
Liu Bei's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Gong Du
Chinese name: 龔都
Born:  ?
Died: 200

Gong Du was a Shu officer.

Biography Edit

Gong Du was originally a bandit leader in the Changsha area, fighting alongside Ou Xing when he rebelled against Sun Jian in AD 187. Gong Du fled after his forces scattered following Ou Xing's execution, and joined the Yellow Turbans in AD 193. He served under Guan Hai and He Yi when they rebelled in Xu and Yan Provinces, but fled to Liu Bei after both were killed. At Runan in AD 200, he defended Liu Bei as he retreated alongside fellow Yellow Turban commander Liu Pi. He led a grain shipment to Liu Bei, which he had stolen from Cao Cao's pursuing army. Both Liu Pi and Gong Du were slain in the battle, Gong Du hit by an arrow in the chest fired by Xiahou Yuan.

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