Gongsun Kang
Gongsun Kang
Character information
Force(s): Gongsun Forces
Historical information
Real name: Gongsun Kang
Chinese name: 公孙康
Born:  ?
Died: possibly 220

Gongsun Kang was the Administrator of Liaodong and the son of Gongsun Du, brother of Gongsun Gong, and father of Gongsun Yuan. He was responsible for killing Yuan Shang and Yuan Xi to appease Cao Cao.


In 204 Gongsun Kang governed Liaodong after his father died. Early in the 200s, he defeated several Koreans and took their capital city while also remaining a vassal of the Han Dynasty. Before he died, Cao Pi recognized him as a legitimate ruler. He was succeeded by Gongsun Gong, because Gongsun Yuan was too young to rule. Only in 228 did Yuan carry the throne.