Gongsun Yuan
Gongsun Yuan
Character information
Force(s): Gongsun Forces
Gongsun Yuan's Rebels
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Gongsun Yuan
Chinese name: 公孫淵
Born: 200
Died: 238

Gongsun Yuan was a warlord.

Biography Edit

Gongsun Yuan was the son of Gongsun Kang and the grandson of Gongsun Du. In AD 228, he seized power alongside his brother Gongsun Heng by deposing his uncle Gongsun Gong. Upon his taking of control, he appointed himself the Governor of Liaodong. The Kingdom of Eastern Wu considered him an ally, yet he executed their messengers and refused an alliance, remaining loyal to Wei. This mistake would prove fatal when he rebelled in AD 237. He signed a declaration of independence and founded the Kingdom of Yan, executing the officials of Liaodong who resisted this decision. Wei Emperor Cao Rui sent a large army under Sima Yi to quell the uprising quickly, and he forced Gongsun Yuan into Xiang Ping Castle. There, Gongsun Yuan sent his son Gongsun Xiu to demand that Sima Yi grant him the option of surrender, but Xiu's head was sent back to Yuan. Knowing surrender to be impossible, Gongsun Yuan intended to fight to the last and did so. He was wounded by Sima Yi, and begged for clemency. But Sima Yi nevertheless had Gongsun Yuan executed.

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