Han Hao
Han Hao
Character information
Force(s): Wang Kuang's Forces
Yuan Shu's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Han Hao
Chinese name: 韓浩
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 164
Died: 219

Han Hao was a Wei strategist.

Biography Edit

Han Hao was the brother of the warlord Han Xuan, Governor of Changsha, and served under command of Wang Kuang, another warlord. In AD 191, after Wang Kuang was killed in battle, Han Hao joined the army of Yuan Shu, the Lord of Shouchun and the claimant to the Imperial Throne. When Yuan Shu proclaimed the "Zhou Dynasty" in Yang Province, he fled to Cao Cao and prevented Xiahou Dun from being held hostage. Han Hao and 1000 horsemen were sent to aid Liu Bei after Liu Bei lended Guan Yu to Cao Cao's service, and fought against Yuan Shu in AD 198. He was allowed to return to Cao Cao after the victory there, and fought in his campaign at Guandu two years later. Shortly after the victory at Guandu, Cao Cao set his sights on Liu Bei, who was gaining the support of several people across the land. Han Hao was made the commander of a division at the Battle of Bo Wan Po, where Cao Cao attacked Liu Bei, but his unit was annihilated following a surprise attack by Guan Ping. Han was put in charge of divisions during the rest of Cao Cao's campaigns, and supported the farm reforms implemented by Cao Cao's parliament. In AD 219, he was made a subordinate under Xiahou De, the son of Xiahou Yuan, when the Shu army under Huang Zhong invaded Hanzhong that year. At Mt. Tiandang, Xiahou De and Han Hao were subject to a fire attack by Yan Yan of Shu and Han Hao was slain. Xiahou De also died in battle while trying to put out the flames.

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