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Huang Zhong
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Character information
Force(s): Liu Biao's Forces
Han Xuan's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Huang Zhong
Chinese name: 黄忠
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 144
Died: 222

Huang Zhong was a Shu general.


Huang Zhong was born in Nanyang Commandery, and served Liu Biao when he was a young man. He fought against Sun Jian's invasion of Jing Province, along with all of Liu Biao's generals, and gained experience in that battle. He was known to be a talented archer. In AD 208, when Governor Liu Biao passed away and part of Jing Province fell to Cao Cao, he became a general of Governor Han Xuan of Changsha. He was friends with Han Xuan's commanders Wei Yan and Yang Ling, and the latter offered to go out and challenge Guan Yu when Liu Bei invaded in AD 209, but was killed. Huang Zhong failed to kill Guan Yu, and angered the governor Han Xuan. Han Xuan prepared to execute him, but Wei Yan slew Han Xuan and saved Huang Zhong, and the two generals surrendered to Liu Bei and became high-ranking generals. In AD 213, he aided Pang Tong in the capture of Luo Castle from Liu Zhang, but Pang Tong fell in the battle. Huang Zhong later assisted in the Hanzhong Campaign, and fought at Mt. Chaqi. He met in battle with Xiahou Yuan, the Wei equivalent of him, but killed the inferior with an arrow to his neck. Huang Zhong was made famous for beating his only rival archer, and angered Cao Cao.In AD 219, at the Han River, he led a surprise attack on Cao Cao's main camp and nearly eliminated the Wei, who withdrew from Hanzhong that same year. In AD 222, Liu Bei invaded Wu following the death of both of his brothers to Wu defectors, and Huang Zhong participated in his invasion. Huang Zhong fought against the enemy army, and was hit in the collar bone by Wu archer Ma Zhong's arrow. Huang Zhong was brought back to the Shu main camp, and died of his wounds.