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Jian Yong
Character information
Force(s): Tao Qian's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Xu Province
Battle of Chang Ban
Historical information
Real name: Jian Yong
Chinese name: 簡雍
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: ?
Died: ?

Jian Yong was a Shu strategist.


Jian Yong was a servant of the Governor of Xu Province, Tao Qian, but was born in You Province. He was an acquaintance of Liu Bei as a young man and was his brother-at-arms when Cao Cao invaded Xu Province in AD 193. When Tao Qian died of illness, Liu Bei succeeded him as Prefect of Xu and Jian Yong and Sun Qian, plus most of his other officers, joined Liu Bei's army. He was made Gentleman of the General Staff along with Sun Qian and Mi Zhu, and the three were sent on emissary missions. In AD 208, during the Battle of Chang Ban, Jian Yong aided in the defense of refugees from Cao Cao's pursuing army. Six years later, he was sent to persuade Liu Zhang, the Governor of Yi Province, to surrender to Liu Bei. He succeeded, and the two rode out of Chengdu in a carriage to discuss surrender terms. He was made General of Shining Virtues by Liu Bei. He was considered brazen, leaning down on a couch when a man higher in rank, even Liu Bei, wanted to confer with him, but nobody could change his leisurely ways. He was also a man with a sense of humor. When there was a drought in Chengdu, brews were outlawed. When a man and a woman were seen walking in the streets, Jian Yong told Liu Bei that the man would abuse her. Liu Bei burst into guffaws when he said that he thought he would because he has the necessary tools to do so like another brewer did.