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Lu Meng
Lu Meng.jpg
Character information
Force(s): Wu
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Xia Kou
Battle of Jiang Xia
Battle of Nan Jun
Battle of Jing Province
Battle of Hefei
Battle of Jing Province
Battle of Fan Castle
Battle of Mai Castle
Historical information
Real name: Lu Meng
Chinese name: 呂蒙
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 177
Died: 219

Lu Meng was a Wu strategist.


Lu Meng was a friend of Sun Ce and Deng Dang, and was recommended by Sun Ce to join the Kingdom of Wu in AD 199. At Jiang Xia in AD 208, he led the vanguard for Sun Ce against Huang Zu and cut his general Chen Jiu's head off. In AD 210 he defeated Cao Ren at Nanjun, and took part in the invasion of Jing Province in AD 209. Lu Meng participated in the invasion of He Fei in AD 215. He had to be the mediator between he generals Gan Ning and Ling Tong, because Ling Tong's father was killed by Gan Ning and the two became bitter enemies. He led the attack on the He Fei western castle, but was defeated by the enemy commander Zhang Liao. He later commanded the entire Wu invasion force when Sun Quan invaded Jing Province in AD 219. He took over the cities of Changsha, Wuling, Lingling, and Guiyang from Guan Yu, and Liu Bei was forced to sign a peace treaty with Sun Quan in order to prevent further incursions. That same year, he was sent in order to demand the cession of the eastern Jing Province, which was one of the terms of the peace treaty, but when Guan Yu refused to relinquish the territory as per Zhuge Liang's orders, he led the invasion. Lu Meng and his student Lu Xun seized the cities of Gong'an, Nanjun, Jiangling, and Xiangyang while Guan Yu was besieging Fan Castle, a Wei stronghold and the last one in Jing Province, held by the veteran general Cao Ren. Guan Yu soon challenged him to a duel when he was forced to flee to Mai Castle, and Lu Meng slew him with his scythe. But Guan Yu knew that he would die as well; his body was in a frail condition. Lu Meng fell dead next to Guan Yu, only forty-two.