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Lu Su
Lu Su.jpg
Character information
Force(s): Wu
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Chi Bi
Battle of Jing Province
Battle of He Fei
Historical information
Real name: Lu Su
Chinese name: 魯肅
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 172
Died: 217

Lu Su was a Wu strategist.


Lu Su was handsome, outstandingly brilliant, and generous in helping others and giving relief to the sick and poor. He was well known and respected in his area, as a filial son he lived with and took care of his aged mother. Lu Su came from a respected family in Xu Province, and they were probably merchants who prospered during the Eastern Han. Lu Su first met Zhou Yu when the latter passed by Lu Su’s house and asked for grain. Lu Su had two large storages of grain, and he let Zhou Yu pick the food he needed. Zhou Yu was notably impressed with Lu Su and they soon became friends. At this point Yuan Shu offered Lu Su the position of Prefect of Dong Cheng, Lu Su did not seem interested in that position though, and he left Xu Province to go south of the Yangzi. However Lu Su was not pleased with his arrival in Qua at the headquarters of the Sun clan. And after the death of Sun Ce in AD 200, Lu Su was tempted to leave for the north. However, Zhou Yu urged Lu Su to stay and serve Sun Quan. Zhou Yu also advised Sun Quan to visit Lu Su personaly, which he did. Lu Su and Sun Quan discussed the affairs of the Empire and Sun Quan was very impressed. Sun Quan restored Lu Su’s wealth and position and even though Lu Su held a minor rank, he was appointed as Sun Quan’s personal assistant. Sun Quan resumed the war against Huang Zu which his brother had started, and he conquered Jiangxia Province. Not long after, Liu Biao, the Imperial Inspector of Jing Province, died in Xiangyang. Sun Quan sent Lu Su as his envoy to express condolences to Liu Biao’s sons Liu Qi and Liu Zong, and to make secret contact with Liu Bei. On his way to Xiangyang, Lu Su heard about the succession of Liu Zong and the subsequent surrender to Cao Cao. He turned around and met up with Liu Bei directly after the massacre at Chang slope. Lu Su convinced Liu Bei to go south and establish headquarters at Fankou. Together with Zhuge Liang, Lu Su headed back to Sun Quan’s headquarters to report. Lu Su and Zhuge Liang explained the situation to Sun Quan, and Lu Su urged him to consult Zhou Yu, who was on a mission in Poyang. Zhou Yu planned the defense of Jing Province against Cao Cao in cooperation with Liu Bei. The mission was a success and Cao Cao was driven back past Jiangling. After the battle however, Zhou Yu needed to deal with Liu Bei, and granted him temporary refugee in southern Jing. Around AD 210, Zhou Yu died and he recommended Lu Su as his successor in a letter to Sun Quan. Lu Su was appointed as Colonel Who Displays Firmness, with four thousand troops of Zhou Yu under his command, and with headquarters in Jiangling. Liu Bei went to Sun Quan to request more teritory, and Lu Su urged Sun Quan to allow Liu Bei to borrow Nan Commandery. Soon after, Liu Bei moved into Nan Commandery and Sun Quan assigned Lu Su as the Grand Administrator of Hancheng Commandery. The new Commandery of Hancheng formed a boundary between Cheng Pu in Jiangxia and Liu Bei in Nan. He took up headquarters at Lukou, was promoted to Lieutenant–General, and given command of ten thousand troops. After the death of Cheng Pu, Lu Su temporarily transferred to the north where he took part in the recapture of Huan city in Jiangling province in AD 214. A year later, Sun Quan sent Zhuge Jin to ask Liu Bei to return Nan Commandery. Liu Bei had not only taken Nan Commandery, but also moved into the southern commanderies of Lingling, Guiyang and Chang Sha. However Liu Bei had no intention of returning Nan to Sun Quan, and refused to accept Sun Quan’s move into southern Jing. The re–occupation of Jing was well thought–out plan, Lu Su stayed at his headquarters in Lukou, while Lu Meng moved his force into the south. Liu Bei’s Grand Administrators of Changsha and Guiyang surrendered, and the seige of Lingling began. At this time Liu Bei sent reinforcements to Guan Yu in Gongan. Sun Quan moved his forces into Lukou, and Lu Su headed out with his army to intercept the relief force from Liu Bei. With trickery, Lü Meng took Lingling without a struggle and the forces of Sun Quan were now in a better position to deal with Liu Bei. Sun Quan granted Liu Bei the Commandery of Lingling as a token of peace, but he kept both Guiyang and the larger part of Changsha Commandery. In the twenty-second year of Rebuilt Tranquility (AD 217) , Lu Su died of natural causes. Sun Quan personally attended the funeral and paid his respects to Zijing’s family. Lu Su was a pleasant, scholarly man who was praised for his ability to predict the outcome of situations. His predictions of the segregation of China, the control of Jing, the rise in rank of Sun Quan, the influence of the Yangzi and the quarrelling in the north all came true. Lu Su’s position was taken over by Lü Meng, and one of his sons held rank in Wu, as did his grandson