Ma Jun
Ma Jun
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Historical information
Real name: Ma Jun
Chinese name: 馬鈞
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born:  ?
Died:  ?

Ma Jun was a Wei minister.

Biography Edit

Ma Jun was the Minister of Works under Cao Rui, the third emperor of Cao Wei. In AD 235, Cao Rui demanded the Celestial Elixir, to which Ma Jun relied, "Of the four and twenty emperors of the line of Latter Han, only Emperor Wu enjoyed the throne very long and really attained to old age. That was because he drank of the essence of the brilliancy of the sun and the brightness of the moon. In the Palace at Changan is the Terrace of Cypress Beams, upon which stands the bronze figure of a man holding up a Dew Bowl, whereinto distills, in the third watch of the night, the vapor from the great constellation of the north. This liquid is called Celestial Elixir, or Sweet Dew. If mingled with powdered jade and swallowed, it restores youth to the aged."

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