Ou Xing's Rebellion

Date 187
Location Changsha, Jing Province
Result Sun Jian victory
Zhang Rang's Forces Ou Xing's Forces
Sun Jian Ou Xing
Guo Shi
Zhou Chao
Ou Xing rebelled in 187 in response to the ascension of the Ten Eunuchs to power. They sent Sun Jian to crush him, which he did in a matter of days.


In 187, Sun Jian was dispatched to quell Ou Xing in Changsha with the promise of being awarded prefect there. He gathered his supporters and invaded. Since he had no men to spare, Ou Xing insisted on using small-scale ambushes to defeat the enemy. His forces failed in their ambushes, and his messenger sent to call for backup was killed by Huang Gai. Sun Jian crushed the rebellion in one day, cutting down Ou Xing and taking over the area for himself.