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Puyang Xing
Pu Yangxing.jpg
Character information
Force(s): Wu
Historical information
Real name: Puyang Xing
Chinese name: 濮陽興
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: ?
Died: 265

Puyang Xing was an official of Wu.


Puyang held many posts, such as Imperial Secretariat; General of the Gentlemen of the Household for All Purposes; Grand Administer of Kuaiji; Grand Master of Ceremonies; General of the Guards; Marquis of Huang; Prime Minister; Palace Attendant; and Governor of Qing Province. During Sun Xiu's reign, he served as one of his major advisers. In 260, he began a costly project to create an artificial lake known as Puli Lake to create a natural defense against Wei. However, it was cancelled due to its price and other officials' objections. After Sun Xiu died, he helped elevate Sun Hao to emperor. However, Sun Hao was a cruel emperor and he had Pu Yangxing executed.

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