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Rebellion in Liang Province

Date 184-189
Location Liangzhou, Liang Province
Result Allied Forces
Bian Zhang's Forces
Dong Zhuo's Forces
Sun Jian's Forces
Zuo Chang's Forces
Huangfu Song's Forces
Bian Zhang
Ma Teng
Han Sui
Dong Zhuo
Sun Jian
Fu Xie

Bian Zhang and other northern warlords rebelled in Liang Province amidst the chaos of the Han Dynasty period in Liang Province. He was aided by generals Han Sui and Ma Teng, but was killed by Dong Zhuo's forces.


Beigong Boyu, Dian Yu, Li Wenhou, Ma Teng, Song Jian, Wang Guo, and Yan Zhong rebelled in Liang Province. Emperor Ling dispatched eight generals, Dong Zhuo, Sun Jian, and Fu Xie, Geng Bi, Huangfu Song, He Xun, and Zhang Wen to combat the Liang Province rebels and pacify the region. The first move was the assassination of Han general Ling Zheng by Beigong Boyu and Li Wenhou. Zuo Chang, the Inspector of Liang Province, dispatched He Xun to seize an outpost, hoping he would fail so that he could prove him wrong for once, but He Xun succeeded in several battles against the rebels. Rebels took Bian Zhang and Han Sui hostage, so the Administrator of Jincheng Chen Yi begged for their release at the rebel's main camp. However, the rebels killed him and Bian Zhang and Han Sui joined their ranks. To make the situation worse, Zuo Chang was replaced by Song Nie. With the replacement of Zuo Chang, the situation was not improved and the rebels from Qiang were besieging Xia Yu, who had replaced Ling Zheng as Protector of the Qiang. The rebels attacked Xia Yu and besieged him in the yamen of a horse park in Hanyang. He Xun collected troops from the commandery and province and went to Xia Yu in an attempt to relieve him. At Hupan, however, they were heavily defeated by the Qiang. He Xun was wounded three times and only 100 of his men were still alive. He sat down and refused to move. Dian Yu of the Goujia tribe of the Qiang held the rest of the enemy at bay. All those present were looking at one another in amazement. Dianyu got down from his horse and offered it to He Xun so he might escape, but He Xun refused the offer and so he was captured by the Qiang. His loyalty and courage was admired by the tribesmen and He Xun was done no harm, but instead, sent back to Hanyang. Yang Yong, the Inspector of Hanyang, later recommended He Xun as Grand Administrator of Hanyang. Xia Yu and his men had held out successfully. Though He Xun and Xia Yu survived, it appeared the provincial authorities were, at the time, overpowered. The shock that their collapse caused was grave, and it was even considered at the capital whether or not the province should be abandoned. After this, Zhu Jun was attacking the Yellow Turban leader Sun Xia at Wan with help from Sun Jian. They beat him and the Yellow Turbans were scattered. Sun Jian was soon sent to the scene to command a part of the Han army. In late AD 185, he struck down Bian Zhang. But soon Geng Bi was killed and Wang Guo besieged Hanyang Commandery. The Han general Fu Xie was struck down in the battle. However, Yan Zhong, a rebel leader, took control of the rebels. He died in AD 189, and the rebels scattered.