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Sha Moke
Character information
Force(s): Qiang
Ou Xing's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Sha Moke
Chinese name: 沙摩柯
Born: ?
Died: 222

Sha Moke was the chief of the Qiang.


Sha Moke led the Wuling tribe into battle alongside Ou Xing when Sun Jian invaded Changsha. He was the assault unit commander for his troops, but was defeated. He preserved his tribe by retreating to his lands, only returning to battle when he was hired as an auxiliary commander for Shu at the Battle of Yi Ling. He killed Eastern Wu general Gan Ning by shooting his arrow in the back of general Gan's head. After the fire attack, he attempted to flee but was cut down by Zhou Tai.