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Sima Shi
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Battle of Mt. Qi
Battle of Wu Zhang Plains
Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion
Cao Shuang's Invasion of Shu
Sima Yi's Rebellion
Battle of Mt. Niu Tou
Wang Ling's Rebellion
Battle of Mt. Tie Tong
Battle of New He Fei Castle
Attack on Sima Shi
Wen Qin's Rebellion
Historical information
Real name: Sima Shi
Chinese name: 司馬師
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 208
Died: 255

Sima Shi was the firstborn son of Sima Yi and was a general of Wei.


Sima Shi first served under command of his father against Zhuge Liang at Mt. Qi, and was not lured into the Shu ambushes that killed Zhang He. After the defeat, he fought at Wuzhang Plains and defended the Wei supply depot. He surrendered the depot in order to save his father from death at the hands of Jiang Wei. The battle was a Shu victory but Zhuge Liang died of illness right after it ended. Sima Shi served against Gongsun Yuan in 237-239, and then took part in Cao Shuang's failed invasion of Shu. Sima Yi feigned illness to evade suspicion of his impending revolt where Sima Shi personally cut down the Wei regent. Shi's father was now the regent of Wei, and he faced off against the Shu invasions. Shi proved his worth on the battlefield at Mt. Niuzhu, where Sima Yi tested his sons' resolve in battle. Indeed, they were worthy and defeated Shu. After Wang Ling was crushed, Sima Yi died. Sima Shi took power and defeated Wu at New Hefei Castle, then gained the support of many officials. But soon Wen Qin rebelled after Shi displaced Cao Fang, and Sima Shi was hit in the eye with an arrow. Sima Shi was mortally wounded and collapsed in the middle of his camp.