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Xiahou Dun
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Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Xiahou Dun
Chinese name: 夏侯惇
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: ?
Died: 220

Xiahou Dun was a Wei general.


Xiahou Dun was the cousin of Cao Cao, and the brother of Xiahou Yuan. In AD 184, he served under Cao Cao during the Yellow Turban Rebellion as one of his sub-generals at the battles at Xiapi Castle and Henan-Yin. He gained experience and renown for his prowess in battle. He later saved Cao Cao from a trap by Dong Zhuo, where he invited Cao Cao to Luoyang to try and kill him. In response, Cao Cao formed the Alliance against Dong Zhuo and Xiahou Dun and Yuan joined it. At Hu Lao Gate in AD 191, he helped to participate in the extermination of Dong Zhuo. That same year, the coalition disbanded and he remained with Cao Cao, who unlike all of the other warlords, did not take advantage and kill other ones, but rather consolidated his control over his territory. Cao Cao soon became Prime Minister of the Han Dynasty, and Xiahou Dun was made Governor of He Nan. In AD 193, after Cao Cao's father Cao Song was executed, Xiahou Dun took part in the invasion of Xu Province, where his killer Zhang Kai had fled to its governor Tao Qian. Xiahou Dun fought against Lu Bu during the battle when he attacked Cao Cao's main camp, and after his defeat, Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan were sent to Yan Province. While there, Xiahou Dun was out hunting tigers when he came across a burlesque man named Dian Wei. He dueled and defeated him with his bare hands, and allowed Dian Wei to serve under Cao Cao as a bodyguard. The two commanders participated in the quelling of the uprising of He Yi, He Man, and Huang Shao. Xiahou Dun slew several of the rebels, and the region was pacified. They held Yan Province with an iron fist, but they were defeated when Lu Bu conquered most of Yanzhou, and Xiahou Dun roused Cao Cao to the situation. Cao Cao was saved by Xiahou Dun, when at Pu Yang, Xiahou Dun fought off Lu Bu's pursuing forces as his cousin escaped the death trap. When Cao Cao had fully conquered Yan Province from Lu Bu after slaying Zhang Chao, Xiahou Dun had been famous. In AD 197, he opposed the accpetace of Jia Xu into Wei following the death of Dian Wei at his hands, but Cao Cao wanted him to become a strategist, with the full warning that he would not give him any pardons for execution when he wanted to do so. A year later, Lu Bu, in the service of Liu Bei, seized Xu Province from him, and Liu Bei pleaded for an alliance. Cao Cao accepted, and they both laid siege to Xiapi Castle. Xiahou Dun dueled Lu Bu's general Gao Shun, but Gao Shun fled before he could deal the killing blow. He tried to pursue, but his eye was hit by an arrow fired by Cao Xing, an archer of Lu Bu. Xiahou Dun instead chased Cao Xing down and speared him in the face. From then on, he had to wear an eyepatch, his most famous feat. Xiahou Dun later witnessed the bravery of Guan Yu, the general of Liu Bei, when he charged on and slew several of Lu Bu's troops. Lu Bu was executed after his defeat at Xiapi, and Cao Cao in turn conquered Xu Province from Liu Bei as compensation for his aid. Liu Bei rebelled and captured Cao Cao's generals Liu Dai and Wang Zhong and defeated Cao Cao's army sent to defeat him, but Cao Cao responded by invading Xuzhou. Xiahou Dun defeated Zhang Fei in an ambush, and forced Liu Bei to surrender. At Guandu that same year, Xiahou Dun charged at Yuan Shao's Forces and aided in the attack on Wuchao, the supply depot of Yuan Shao's massive army. When Guan Yu, in Cao Cao's service, tried to flee, he led the pursuit of him and his entourage, but was shaken off and Guan Yu was able to escape back to his brother. Xiahou Dun continued to serve under his cousin in his campaigns against Yuan Shang, Yuan Shao's son, and defeated him at Ji Province in AD 202. One year later, Cao Cao went to war with the Governor of Jing Province, Liu Biao. Liu Biao's general Liu Bei was taking refuge in Xin Ye, a city within western Jing Province. Though Cao Cao failed to defeat him, Liu Bei was now engaged in a period of fleeing. In AD 208, at Bo Wan Po, Xiahou Dun commanded over 800,000 troops and invaded Jing Province following the death of Liu Biao. Xiahou Dun attacked Liu Bei's army there, but was lured into a fire trap by Zhao Yun, which decimated his pursuit force. Nevertheless he was still kept in command and defeated Liu Bei at Changban, where Liu Bei suffered heavy losses during his retreat to go to Sun Quan, a brave warlord. Later that year, Liu Bei and Sun Quan allied and faced Cao Cao's massive army at Chi Bi. Though not having a big role, Xiahou Dun might have been lucky; several of Cao Cao's generals prestieges suffered from the crushing defeat there. Sun Quan's General of Chariots Zhou Yu invaded Cao Cao's possessions in Jing Province, at Nan Jun. Xiahou Dun and Cao Ren held the area, and Cao Ren was besieged at Jiangling while Xiahou Dun was at the Nan Territory. He was defeated by Guan Yu there, and was forced to withdraw Wei forces there. In AD 211, he fought in the campaign against Ma Chao, and defeated him at Tong Gate. The victory there pacified Liang Province, and Xiahou Dun continued to lead the conquest of Hanzhong from Zhang Lu four years after. In this domain, a duchy of Wei was established with Cao Cao as Duke of Wei. Xiahou Dun later participated in the defense of Hanzhong from Liu Bei, and was wounded at Yang Ping Gate in AD 218. Later in the year, he was defeated at Mt. Ding Jun and his brother was hit by an arrow to the neck and fell in battle. After Xiahou Yuan's death, Xiahou Dun began to hate Shu, and was thus made the general to lead the relief force to Fan Castle where Cao Ren was fighting Guan Yu. Xiahou Dun aided the defense, and Fan Castle was defended with the death of Guan Yu as a result. Unfortunately, Cao Cao died two years later, Dun shortly after.