Xiahou Yuan
Xiahou Yuan
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Xiahou Yuan
Chinese name: 夏侯渊
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 167
Died: 219

Xiahou Yuan was a cousin of Cao Cao and Xiahou Dun. Yuan was skilled as an archer, and was ironically killed by master archer Huang Zhong at the Battle of Mt. Cha Qi.


Xiahou Yuan first joined military service in 184 during the Yellow Turban Rebellion. He aided in the rescue of Zhu Jun, who was cornered in a canyon by Zhang Mancheng and others. Then, the Imperial Army marched out and Xiahou Yuan advised Cao Cao to use a climbable cliff to flank the Yellow Turban army. The strategy worked and Zhang Jiao was taken by surprise.

After the rebellion, Xiahou Yuan was part of a rescue force to aid Cao Cao out of Luo Yang in a failed assassination attempt on the Han dictator Dong Zhuo. They barely escaped the death trap, but Xiahou did get him away from the chaos. Soon, Yuan Shao assembled an alliance of warlords against Dong Zhuo, and Xiahou Yuan was one of the lieutenants that Cao Cao possessed as he advanced on Hu Lao Gate.

Xiahou Yuan became a leading army commander after the threat was crushed. At the Battle of Xu Province, he led an army out to attack Zhang Fei's battalion. Xu Province was overrun easily, but Cao Cao withdrew following Liu Bei's arrival on the spot. Xiahou Yuan instead was posted at Guan Du to fight against Yuan in one of the most well-known battles of the Three Kingdoms era. The Wu Chao supply depot was burned and Yuan's large army was overpowered with hunger. They were vanquished by Cao Cao, who took over the Central Plains.

When Cao Cao went to war with Liu Bei and Sun Quan in 208, Xiahou Yuan aided in his retreat from the catastrophic Battle of Chi Bi. He was the defender of the last gate between the allied forces under Huang Gai and Guan Yu, and was beaten but Cao Cao still escaped. Xiahou soon relocated to more defensive roles, fighting inside of Wei against men such as Zhang Lu, Ma Chao, and Liu Zhang. But soon Liu Bei and his ilk invaded his conquest of Han Zhong and Xiahou Yuan was placed in charge of the Cao Wei army battalion defending Mt. Ding Jun. Xiahou Yuan advanced out to the center of the battlefield but was hit in the collar bone by an arrow shot by Huang Zhong, and died shortly after.


Xiahou Yuan had a large family:

Xiahou Heng

Xiahou Ba

Xiahou Cheng

Xiahou Wei

Xiahou Rong

Xiahou Hui

Xiahou He

Xiahou Ji

Xiahou Jun

Xiahou Zhuang

Xiahou Bao

Xiahou Zhang

Xiahou Lingnu