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Yang Qiu
Character information
Force(s): Bian Zhang's Forces
Ma Chao's Forces
Han Sui's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Yang Qiu
Chinese name: 杨秋
Born: ?
Died: ?

Yang Qiu was a general serving under Bian Zhang and Han Sui. When the two began to feud, he joined Cao Cao's Forces.


Yang Qiu fought for Han Sui, a warlord from Liang Province. He was counted among his "Eight Knights", his top eight veteran commanders. He took part in the first Liangzhou Rebellion of AD 185, commanding an archer unit that inflicted heavy casualties on the government advance unit commanded by Sun Jian. But he submitted, and joined the army of Ma Teng. In AD 211, Ma Teng was killed by Cao Cao and his son Ma Chao rebelled in the second Liang Rebellion, aided by Han Sui and the Qiang and Xingguo Di tribes. Yang Qiu participated in the second rebellion, fighting loyally under Han Sui again. When Han Sui surrendered to Cao Cao's army, Yang Qiu followed in his trail. He, Zhang Heng, and Hou Xuan were the only three of the Eight Knights to survive the battle with the enemy, and was appointed a marquess in Cao Cao's administration over the Han Dynasty, and served him until his death.