Yuan Xi
Yuan Xi
Character information
Force(s): Yuan Shao's Forces
Yuan Shang's Forces
Yuan Xi's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Yuan Xi
Chinese name: 袁熙
Born:  ?
Died: 207

Yuan Xi was the son of Yuan Shao who mediated between Yuan Shang and Yuan Tan, but was killed by Gongsun Kang.


Yuan Xi was the youngest son of Yuan Shao, the Grand Adminstrator of Bohai. Yuan Xi was also the husband of Zhen Ji, known for her beauty. In AD 200, Yuan Xi took part in the campaign to fight against Cao Cao at Guan Du, and aided Wen Chou. However, Yuan Xi was defeated and Wen Chou was killed by Guan Yu. Yuan Xi later became his own warlord when his father died in AD 202, and was the next target for Cao Cao, on a roll for his conquest of the Central Plains. Cao Cao defeated Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang by allying to Yuan Tan, their own brother, before executing him. In AD 205, at Hebei, Cao Pi led a massive army to crush Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang's allied army, and Zhen Ji was taken as his wife, leaving Yuan Xi without a spouse. By AD 207, the Yuan Brothers became holed up in You Province, and abandoned it after an army led by Li Dian of Cao Cao invaded and conquered it. Yuan Xi fled to Tadun, the chieftain of the Wuhuan tribe, and was defeated at White Wolf Mountain by Cao Cao's cavalry commander Zhang Liao. Yuan Xi and Yuan Shang fled to Governor Gongsun Kang of Liaodong, but Gongsun Kang was afraid of conquest by Cao Cao and had the two Yuans killed.