Zhang He
Zhang He
Character information
Force(s): Han Fu's Forces
Yuan Shao's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Zhang He
Chinese name: 张郃
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 167
Died: 231

Zhang He was a general of Wei. Formerly a servant of Yuan Shao, he defected to Cao Cao at the Battle of Guan Du. Afterwards, he was killed fighting Shu at Mt. Qi.


Zhang He fought against the Yellow Turbans while in the service of Han Fu. Afterwards, he served at Guandu where his advice to fortify Wuchao was rejected. Wuchao was burnt and Yuan Shao lost the battle, as well as Zhang He. His service under Cao Cao was better, and he led the pursuit of the peasants at Changban Po. Though he detested at attacking innocent people, it was still smart because it stopped Liu Bei's retreat. After this battle Zhang He commanded some of the ships at Chibi. He was inspired while others were burnt to death when the fire attack by sea devastated Cao Cao's navy, because the flames were "beautiful" to him. Obviously, the battle was a defeat. But this proved that Zhang He was devoted to the art of beauty and this was his dogma. Zhang served at the Battle of Han Zhong, where he led the ambush unit against the Shu main camp. This was a part of Sima Yi's plan, and the Shu forces were defeated at Ba Xi. Zhang He made friends with archer master Xiahou Yuan at the Battle of Mt. Ding Jun, shortly after the encounter at Hanzhong. However, Xiahou was killed in that battle and Zhang He defended Mt. Tian Dang from Yan Yan's arson attack. This was another defeat for Wei, adding to Chibi. Later on he suffered another defeat at the Battle of Dong Kou in the invasion of Wu by Cao Pi. But he redeemed himself by defeating many Shu invasions led by Zhuge Liang. At Mt. Qi, however, he was lured into an ambush by Wei Yan. Zhang He was hit in the right leg by an arrow as he passed through a wooden gate and died.