Zhang Rang
Zhang Rang
Character information
Force(s): Han Dynasty
Zhang Rang's Forces
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Zhang Rang
Chinese name: 沙摩柯
Born:  ?
Died: 189

Zhang Rang was a servant of Emperor Ling and a eunuch in the Imperial Court. When Emperor Shao came to the throne, he deposed him and Zhang Rang took power for himself.


Zhang Rang was an influential minister within Emperor Ling's court, and gained power over the Imperial House itself, along with nine others, becoming known as the "Ten Eunuchs". In AD 189, when Emperor Ling passed away, he became the regent of the Han Dynasty. He controlled the court and the young emperor Shao, seizing power over everybody. There were several rebellions against his rule, which Sun Jian crushed, such as the brutal rebellion of Ou Xing. But that same year, he murdered the real regent of the Han Dynasty, He Jin, and Emperor Shao pleaded for help. Dong Zhuo, Cao Cao, and Yuan Shao invaded Luoyang and defeated the eunuchs. Zhang Rang killed himself by drowning himself in the Si River.