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Zhong Hui
Zhong Hui.png
Character information
Force(s): Wei
Significant Battle(s):
Wen Qin's Rebellion
Battle of Tao Shui
Battle of Duan Gu
Battle of Yang Ping Gate (262)
Battle of Cheng Du
Zhong Hui's Rebellion
Historical information
Real name: Zhong Hui
Chinese name: 钟会
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 225
Died: 264

Zhong Hui was a strategist of Wei and a skilled general. Later on he befriended Jiang Wei and fought alongside him until his death in the revolt.


In 255, Zhong Hui fought against the rebellion by Guanqiu Jian and Wen Qin. Sima Shi liked his talents from his first sight of them, but they were also his last; he was mortally wounded by an arrow earlier on. Zhong served under his successor Sima Zhao, whom he thought was an inferior to his style. Also, he had an intense rivalry with Deng Ai, a fellow commander. He at first lost the contest when, at the Battle of Duan Gu, he was ambushed and Deng Ai saved him. The next year, he had the better part of the rivalry: he was able to gain the attention of Sima Zhao while supressing the rebellion of Zhuge Dan, while Deng Ai was sent to Guangzhong to defend from Jiang Wei's fifth invasion of the north. During the battle, he was the main Wei strategist, as Zhuge Dan was no longer Wei's strategist for obvious reasons. He convinced Quan Yi, Quan Duan, Quan Ji, Quan Jing, Quan Pian, Quan Yi, Quan Wei, Jiang Ban, and Jiao Yi to surrender to Wei after their commander Zhu Yi was executed by regent Sun Chen. When he fought Shu at Yangping Gate he cut through the enemy lines and was the first commander to reach Chengdu. Deng Ai came last. Shortly after the conquest of Shu, Zhong Hui befriended Jiang Wei and rebelled to reinstate Shu and kill Sima Zhao. However, Zhao's wife Wang Yuanji predicted such a move and the rebellion was crushed by Deng Ai. Zhong Hui was killed by his own men while Jiang died in battle.