Zhuge Ke
Zhuge Ke
Character information
Force(s): Wu
Significant Battle(s):
Historical information
Real name: Zhuge Ke
Chinese name: 諸葛恪 - 诸葛恪
Style name:
Chinese name:
Born: 203
Died: 253

Zhuge Ke was an officer of Wu and a regent for Sun Liang. He invaded Wei once, almost winning but then suddenly being defeated.


Zhuge Ke was Zhuge Liang's nephew and son of Zhuge Jin. He was born in the Kingdom of Eastern Wu, despite his uncle's allegiance to Shu. Zhuge Ke helped to advise Sun Deng along with Chen Biao, Gu Tan, and Zhang Xiu, but Sun Deng died early. In AD 252, following the death of Wu Emperor Sun Quan, Zhuge Ke was appointed Regent-Marshal over Sun Liang, his youthful son. Zhuge Ke was made the commander of Wu's defense troops when Sima Shi, the Regent-Marshal over Cao Fang, invaded Wu. At the crossroads of Dongxing in winter 252, Zhuge Ke inflicted heavy casualties on the Wei and forced them to withdraw. Zhuge Ke seized the momentum and invaded Wei with a massive army. In AD 253, his army assaulted the new castle at He Fei, where the Wu failed to take twenty years previous. However, Zhuge Ke was defeated and wounded by Sima Shi. Ding Feng rescued Zhuge Ke, and they escaped back to Wu. Zhuge Ke then planned a newer invasion of Wei. Sun Jun disrespected his over-aggressiveness at the Kingdom of Cao Wei, and had him murdered.